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the moment he sang Girl Be Mine there’s that one particular girl that i remembered :”> oh yeah definitely that’s her! hihi

when emong started singing Girl Be Mine memories came flashing back..the feels! :”D and then he just had to look everywhere while singing but there’s this particular one that caught his eyes a girl at the 2nd floor holding a Meg’s magazine..i swear! i swear on the river and every sunshine that shone! ahaha i saw him smile! the genuine smile! :)

and then he waved at her afterwards! :”> #AlamNa

hay! i really miss you performing on stage Elmo Magalona but not just you..both of you! yes the pure and raw talent both of you shares to  the bonus kilig!!! i really hope i could see you both performing again! we’ll i actually believe it’ll be soon! hehe coz yeah i’ll be a Forever JuliElmo fan! :”>

Kakiliiig! <3 #julielmoforevs

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